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Product name : 22 Inch Touch All-in-one PC
Item : DT220CK
article1 : Panel Size:546mm*338mm*50mm
article2 : Display size:476mm *268mm
article3 : Certification: CE/ROHS/FCC
article4 : Delivery Time: 10 working days after received your payment
article5 : ackaging Details: Packed in carton firstly,and then reinforced with
artice6 : Payment Terms: T/T or western Union
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22 Inch Touch All-in-one PC

PC configuration

Motherboard: ZA-4005AC1
CPU: I3-4005U
RAM: 4G Kingston
SSD: 120G Kingston
Can also match the computer configuration as required

1.Viewing angle:178°/176°(H/V)

2.Resolution: 1680*1050

3.Operating temperature:0°C-40°C

4.Fairly good adaptability not to be interfered

5.voltage and static and suitable 

6.dancing blanket to play racing car 

Product Features


  1. High performance in arithmetic capability,fluent image displaying ,graphic deductive method and with design philosophy saving space effectively.
  2. Using simple and exquisite appearance design, full HD colorful screen, dark  lacquer varnish, aluminumalloy frame, wire drawing surface and so fashionable in design.
  3. Built-in 1080P HD panel with high-brightness ,contract and wide visual angle.
  4. The panel features impact resistance ,scratch-proof ,anti-corrosion and anti-reflection.
  5. Built-in TV module attached with remote control for simple change  between TV Mode and Computer mode.
  6. Built-in PC deploying main stream configurations , for detailed information, please refer to list or consultation.
  7. Built-in touch function adopting advanced international touch technology ,high precision and high sensitiveness,          combined with the exceptional huge display ,in the meanwhile, integrated with handwriting function and C.N.T via the multimedia authoring tools to vividly show the public characters ,images,animations,HD video ,audio e-book and so on giving them the most delightful visual impact and unprecedented sensations of touch.
  8. High stability that will not vary  with change of  time and surroundings ,high transmission of light without intermediates ,high luminousness up to 100%,easy to use and touch without much strength ,no special requirements to touching object.
  9. Fairly good adaptability not to be interfered by current ,voltage and static and suitable for terrible environment.
  10. Long service life up to 50000 hours ,touch function with incredibly long working life ,no need to be maintained.



Multiple performance :

  1. TV function : with 1080P Full HD LCD screen (suited for family ,Units and enterprises)
  2. PC function :surfing on the internet within 10 meters using wireless keyboard and  mouse ,wireless connection to internet ,at the same time equipped with wireless handwriting board suited for family ,Units ,factories and companies )
  3. Touch function :equipped with the most advanced global 6 Generation multi-point--fluent experience of touch
  4. Karaoke Function :KTV juke box function ,select and sing,convenient recreation (suited for family and units party ).
  5. Free-of-charge visual telephone function: no matter where ,at home and abroad or within and outside the province ,out of or in the locality, we can connect to optical fiber broadband without expensive costs.(suited for family ,enterprises and public places).
  6. Video Game function: functioning as Video game machine connected with handle ,steering wheel,rocking bar ,dancing blanket to play racing car ,shooting ,landlords,W.O.W.,fictional journey to the west ,romance of the three kingdoms and what not (suited for family and entertainment place)
  7. Conference function:to give conference speech ,explanation of planning scheme,long distance Video conference and     Text supporting plug and play ,no need for more Supports and devices s such as projector,projection screen,computer and slide platform and DVD.
  8. Environment-friendly white board function:random writing ,doodling is okay for it is green and no need to erase.writing with pen or hand is feasible ,deleting or saving at random even videoing (suited for school ,training institution ,hotel conference room ,governments or enterprise internal training ,insurance company andSecurity company )
  9. Projective Function: “touch visual field” can replace projector to playing huge screen files with more vivid definition (suited for hotel conference room ,governments or enterprise internal meeting ,school training institution insurance company and security company )
  10. Shopping guide function :with the shopping guide and lead to usher customers to facilitate the searching for what their needs ,it also got additional functions as advertising and propagandizing .(suited for supermarket,hospital,library,hotel ,Expo. And wholesale mall)
  11. Customers can help themself to search the information they need cutting the cost of consulting with operator through the Operators entering and editing the various E-files and information (suited for such public places as telecom ,library hospital and the like  )
  12. Video surveillance function:it can monitor the security of the surveillance area ,invoking any live surveillant situation and analyzing the data (suited for monitoring exam room of school ,security and protection ,police surveillance etc.)
  13. PIP function: you can watch news as watching TV series ,synchronically surfing and watching TV ,Game and Karaoke are the same case.(suited for family and leisure and amusement place)

 Technology parameters :

PC configuration parameter


CPU: Intel ATOM D525/ Dominant frequency : Dual-core 1.8G/bus frequency:800MHz/ Second Level Cache :1M

Mainboard model: original Intel D525KT

Motherboard chipset : Intel NM10 Express chipset.

Hard Disk: SAMSUNG/Hitachi SATA3.0GB/S/500GB/5400rpm

RAM: Kingston 4GB/DDR3-1333

Graphics: Integrate Intel GMA X4500 display core

Sound card: integrate  Realtek ALC887 8 chip

Network card: onboard 100 M -Ethernet network-card

keyboard and mouse : PS/2

Horn :2*8W

PC I/O interface

4 * USB 2.0, 2*PS/2,1 * RJ45, 1 * Line-in, 1 * Earphone, 1 * Microphone,1 * COM(1 *LPT1,1*VGA

Parameter for LCD

screen grade:  A  grade

The brand of screen:Chimei (Made In Taiwan)

The size of screen:22 inch

Resolution: 1680*1050

Screen ratio: 16:10

Response : 5

Contrast: 1000:1

Brightness: 450cd/m2

Viewing angle:178°/176°(H/V)

Parameter for touchscreen

The most advanced sixth generation new infrared multi-touch screen—free-flowing touchscreen experience

OSD language

Chinese, English, Spanish, Russian, German, French, Arabic etc.


AC 110V~240V,50/60HZ

Operating environment

Operating temperature:0°C-40°C

storage Temperature:-20°C-60°C
 Humidity:20%-80% relative humidity

  size(L x W x H) and weight

Packing size:L630 x H170 x D460mm3


Optional Item

Hard Disk:80GB-1TB;

 wireless mouse and keyboard, Wireless cards, Bluetooth, Wall bracket.



















































Application Filed:


◆banks and other financial institutions( business query and service expansion in operating site )

◆Telecom(business query and business expansion in business hall )

◆Government agencies (issue public information ,keep the public informed of government affairs

◆Shopping center(shopping guide ,merchant and commodity query ,advertisement promotion

◆Fashion Commodity flagship store and specialty store(new arrivals)

◆The reception room and meeting room of company (company introduction,display of products

◆Design company for arranging Exhibition room (arrangement of the activity venue )

◆Auto 4 s shops (exhibit the car models )

◆Furniture and artwork shop (product display )

◆Cinema (trailer and appreciation of movie clips )

◆Real estate sales hall ,chain real estate intermediary shop window(display of Door model and landscape effect)

◆Office building and hall of apartment

 Application Scope 1


Preschool education , secondary school teaching,university teaching , enterprise training and vocational education.

To decrease the time of tremendous blackboard-writing by using touch panel directly to open the prepared lesson files.

Students can answer the questions by touching the screen which increase the interactivity of teaching.

Installing the re-read software and playback software to record the whole teaching contents.

Assign the homework and matching answer device through touch screen.

Showing the partial area with searchlight ,efficient and practical.

Elaborate the important points and label,save and amend the coursewares.

Environment-friendly without chalk ashes enhancing the school’s influence and image.

application scope 2

Business training, product propaganda, project exhibition, releasing information, department  meeting ,conglomerates, work report, transaction negotiation and discussion of design plan.

Environment-friendly without chalk ashes ,no need to take minutes.

Explanation and demonstration by one saving time and efforts.

Label or save the key question according to the situation on the spot.

Install the software to record the whole process of discussion precisely.

When introducing the product, we can avoid comprehending deviation to promote the business discussion.

To amend and label some part of products even to print at any time.

Layout, verification and modification of  Newspapers and magazines .


Application Scope 3

Military command ,field operation, military colleges ,military situation conference , simulated military exercise, intelligence, convenient and fast service to Modernized military teaching and command.

Direct use of touch screen to analyze and deploy scheme.

Support watching the simulated military exercise by multiple person with split screen.

Quick installation on the field and good adaptability to field operation.

By using touch screen to analyze and explain the battle case.

Fully embody the interacted connection between.

Forces at all levels of command and information system.

Quickly and accurately pass on the combat intentions to command system at all levels.

Making a remarkable contribution to strengthening the education and combat coordinations of the army.


Application Scope 4

traffic guidance, traffic scheduling, accident disposal,case analyses.



scenario drill


Interactive digital platform provides the graphic and simple operation to the police contingency plan, locating through the HD E-map to the real geographical environment in time and  showing  scenario ideas and process through convenient and fast labeling, handwriting and professional deployment  and tendency to the weakness in real scenario drill such as high costs, danger and limits from the real surroundings.



Security monitoring


Interactive digital platform provides powerful information management to security monitoring, trough integrally showing the high incidence area, key protection unit and the information as road info, surveillance info.,police deployment, besides, E-map and police sign included and full screen watching, multiscreen browse and touch cloud deck to make a simulated deployment of force like police and cars.




Interactive digital platform can on the same interface demonstrate and gather the case-related characters, pics,videos , audios and the other multimedia materials, assisted with the Interactive digital platform’s simple but graphic handwriting labels and touch operations, to make a effective discussion and analyses , which are convenient to save , print and distribute.

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