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A. Warranty period: one year free warranty of the company products, life-long maintenance.

(1) the warranty period is set to the manufacturer for terminal customers, if you cannot provide sales vouchers, customers will be calculated according to manufacture date in the bar code.

(2) free warranty repair services relating to the fee shall be borne by our company, without charge to the customer, the damage of outside the scope of free warranty guarantee, the company will charge the labor and material cost.

(3) warranty, maintenance caused by the company quality problem of the freight shall be borne by our company, if they do not belong to the warranty scope or artificial damage, the freight shall be borne by the customer.

2. The warranty scope: we will provide LCD products to all customers to provide maintenance services. But in order to make both sides can enjoy equal treatment, for the following causes lead to the failure or damage, we don't provide free warranty.

(1) beyond warranty period.

(2) make the product damage due to accidental disasters

(3) transport by users themselves, in the fall, collision caused by the fault and damage.

(4) with the user to the product to be modified, and other improper use and damage caused by malfunction.

3. Maintenance service implementation:

(1) failure occurs, arranged by us to be delivered to customers nearby fault machine maintenance service point, or sent directly to the headquarters of our company.

(2) both parties shall fax the invoice after delivery to the other side, in order to confirm the delivery of the other party.

(3) if our product if a major problem, we'll send engineers to provide the corresponding support.

4. Rate:

For outside the scope of the warranty, we will charge fees (fees = technical services fee) + replacement parts, we will provide timely material latest price (cost price).