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Application and introduction of outdoor digital signage
Outdoor Digital Signboard

Introduction to outdoor digital Totems

Under the huge impact of new media on traditional media such as paper newspapers, what is the impact on outdoor digital signs? According to the survey data, although people's investment in outdoor advertising has declined, the purchasing power of outdoor digital signs is steadily increasing. And the annual increase in purchases is more than 23%. In short, outdoor digital signboards are a very attractive media tool.

Under the impact of new media, outdoor signs are gradually changing from traditional static advertisements to modern digital dynamic advertisements. In the process of changing from light box billboards to digital billboards, a large number of digital billboards are needed to replace traditional billboards such as light boxes. Moreover, with the emergence of the concept of intellectualization, more and more advertisers integrate the elements of artificial intelligence into digital signboards, which improves the level of intellectualization of the whole city and contributes to the construction of the intellectualized city. For example, smart digital signboards for clothing industry, intelligent bus platform for transportation, digital signboards for intelligent charging piles, digital information bulletin boards for residential streets, and even shopping payment all use these smart digital signboards. Therefore, the development prospect of outdoor digital signboards is very good, and the market demand will gradually expand.

Here is a brief introduction to the basic functions and parameters of outdoor digital signboards.

Information Release

Outdoor digital signboards support live broadcasting, plug-in, timing broadcasting, data transmission through wired or WIFI 4G modes, and can realize remote publishing of information content through mobile phones without close operation, and support single-machine publishing of information content without network. Realize the intelligent management and operation of the city, as well as the interconnection + mode management.

Basic functions of outdoor digital signs:

1. All-weather outdoor visualization
2. Outdoor Protection Level IP65_
3. Modular design for easy maintenance
4. High brightness display, visible in sunlight
5. Display screen brightness can be automatically adjusted
6. Suitable for ambient temperature of - 40 - 65 C.
7. Heat dissipation and heating system
8. Lightning-proof and leakage-proof system
9. The machine can be monitored remotely.

Advantages of Outdoor Advertising Machine

1. All-weather sunshine is clearly visible, with brightness up to 3000cd/m_
2. All imported glare-proof heat-resisting glass with high transmittance and low reflection makes it clear in all weather conditions. 
3. Intelligent photosensitive system, screen brightness automatically adjusts with external light, energy saving and environmental protection.
4. Intelligent temperature control system, to ensure that outdoor LCD digital signs in the outdoor hot or cold environment are still working properly.
5. Products with waterproof, dust-proof, fog-proof, moisture-proof IP65 reliable protection system. 
6. Extra long life, 7*24 hours of uninterrupted work, up to 60,000 hours.

Application Places of Outdoor Digital Signs

Outdoor advertising machines are widely used in advertising and information dissemination in shopping malls, hospitals, schools, banks, hotels, commercial buildings, airports and other places. 
1. Transportation - Placing outdoor advertisement machines in hot spots such as airports, stations and wharfs can send local travel, accommodation and other information;
2. Outdoor LCD advertising machines can be placed in scenic spots Parks - parks, scenic spots, cultural monuments, etc., which can send local introductions, scenic spots, catering services, etc..
3. Electronic communications - mobile, telecommunications, Unicom, Netcom, Tietong and other outdoor LCD advertising machines can be placed, which can send business processing, telephone fees concessional packages, etc.;.
4. Outdoor advertisement machines can be placed in schools, institutions and other places, which can send campus information, school introductions, agency introductions, etc.

Shenzhen Xingditai Electronic Co., Ltd. is a high-tech national enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales. It specializes in manufacturing outdoor equipment, outdoor digital signage, outdoor digital totem, outdoor touch pavilion, wooden digital signage, digital signage batteries, and multimedia information publishing system.
Widely used in banking, hospitals, government, power, telecommunications, public security, transportation, civil aviation, insurance and other industries, tailor-made software and hardware solutions for different industries as a whole.

Display effect on rainy days


Display effect on snowy days

Display effect in sunlight

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